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Retirement of Dr. Franklin Ampy

Franklin Ampy

Dr. Franklin Ampy will retire after 40+ years as a professor in the Department of Biology

Franklin R. Ampy graduated with a PhD from Oregon University in 1962 prior to his arrival in the Department of Biology. Since that time, Dr. Ampy has dedicated his career to the Department advancement, serving as Chairman several times, and engaging in research and education activities for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Publication by the Jackson Laboratory

Fatimah Jackson

Congratulations on the publication of the article by the team led by Dr. Fatimah Jackson article: Including Vulnerable Populations in the Assessment of Data from Vulnerable Populations, by Latifa F. Jackson, Caitlin Kuhlman, Fatimah L.C. Jackson, Keolu Fox, published in Frontiers in Big Data, section Data Mining and Management.

 ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE Front. Big Data, 28 June 2019

Retirement of Dr. William Gordon

Dr. Gordon has served the Department of Biology as Master Instructor teaching the unequivocally important BIOL 101/102 courses. His direction has helped funnel through thousands upon thousands of students over his multiple decades, preparing them for taking advanced upper-level courses and transitioning into their future career aims.

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The DC Public Health Case Challenge aims to promote interdisciplinary, problem-based learning around a public health issue that faces the local Washington, DC, community. Universities in the DC area form teams consisting of five to six members from at least three disciplines. Teams are given a case, written by students from the participating universities, that provides background information on a local public health problem. Teams have a limited amount of time to devise a comprehensive intervention, which they present to an expert panel of judges. Read the Article

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