Graduate Students and Postdocs

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Graduate Students of Diverse Heritage and Backgrounds

Howard University and the Department of Biology are both honored and committed to providing opportunities in research and education to women, underrepresented minorities, and international students.

Graduate Students Engage in Exciting Research in the Life Sciences

HU Biology graduate students participating in engaging and multidisciplinary sciences in the life sciences, with work recognized on the national and international stages.  The image above is of Michelle Fernando presenting her exciting work in developmental biology at the HU Annual Research Day

Current Graduate Students in the Department of Biology

Name Advisor/Laboratory
Abdullah Mashraqi Eribo Laboratory
Adebiyi Sobitan Teng Laboratory
Andrea Clarke Lee Laboratory
Behailu Eshetea Eribo Laboratory
Benedict Quagraine Allen Laboratory
Brandyn White Campbell Laboratory
Carter Clinton Jackson Laboratory
Daniel Koenemann Burke Laboratory
Esohe Irabor Jackson Laboratory
Ghadeer Abdullah Ullah Laboratory
Glory Bassey Robinson Laboratory
Gretchen Johnson Jackson Laboratory
Jalisa Taylor Eribo Laboratory
Jerome Oliver Robinson Laboratory
Kirstie Grant Burke Laboratory
Kotou Sangare Thomas Laboratory
Madison Moore Thomas Laboratory
Md Ahasanur Rahman Ullah Laboratory
Md Shah Jalal Duttaroy Laboratory
Michael Smith Lee Laboratory
Michelle Fernando Allen Laboratory
Nivedita Bondhu Lee Laboratory
Njlaa Bakhsh Campbell Laboratory
Nujud Almuzaini Thomas Laboratory
Olubukola Banmeke Lee Laboratory
Raina Rhoades Teng Laboratory
Selina Anosike Eribo Laboratory
Sharleine Cotin Pritchette Laboratory
Shifaa Alshammari Ullah Laboratory
Swagota Roy Duttaroy Laboratory
Temesgen Andargie Lee Laboratory
Todd Young Lee Laboratory
Vik Mahase Teng Laboratory
Wesley McClure Frankel Laboratory
Zachary Truesdell Campbell Laboratory