Graduate Transition into Candidacy

Admission to Candidacy

Research is an integral part of graduate education. All Ph. D. students are expected to be involved in research programs early in their graduate careers. Students are encouraged to begin research early in their academic career, to conduct research as they take courses, and to pursue a full-time research program during the summer months, although only limited teaching assistantships are available during summer. Doctoral students are required to submit for candidacy by the end of the fourth semester (2nd year).

Application for candidacy includes submission of a thesis research proposal for approval by the guidance committee in addition to providing the following documents:

  1.  An approved research proposal signed by all members of the guidance committee, the director of graduate studies, and departmental chair.
  2. A candidacy application form (http//
  3. Documentation related to completion of qualifying examinations (see section on qualifying examination).
  4. Students need to pass the written and oral qualifying examinations given by the candidates guidance committee.
  5. Completion of RCR workshop and English examination
  6. Completion of online CITI certification
  7. Other requirements that graduate school might need in future.

Graduate School Candidacy Form