Biology Seminars

Invited Guests' Talks and Research-In-Progress Internal Seminar Series

Biology Seminars are held Wednesdays, 12:10PM in the Biology building in room 320. There are two types of seminars are held: invited speaker seminar series and the research-in-progress seminars. Invited Speaker seminar series present leading investigators from across the nation to present their latest works. Whereas, the Research-In-Progress seminars showcase internal presentations about the science emanating from the Department of Biology faculty laboratories. 

Biology seminars are held Wednesdays, 12:10-1PM, in room 320 of the Department of Biology Building. We requests all participants to arrive no later than 12:05 to ensure no disruption of the guest speakers

Next Seminar - Wednesday, October 2nd

The Department of Biology Seminar continues this week (10-09-19) with Michael Feigin, Ph. D.  Assistant Professor of Oncology, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center     The Title:  "What goes wrong in cancer and how can we stop it"

Howard University Department of Biology Seminar Schedule

August 22 No Seminar
August 28 Internal Seminar - MD Ashasanur Rahman, Michelle Fernando (Allen)
September 4 Internal Seminar - Carter Clinton (Jackson), Behailu Eshetea (Eribo)
September 11 Internal Seminar - Todd Young (Lee), Nivedita Bondhu (Lee)
September 19 TBD
September 25 TBD
October 2 Seminar - Elizabeth T. Ables, Ph. D - New roles for old receptors: nuclear hormone receptors in the control of oocyte development
October 9 Seminar - Howard U/Roswell Park Cancer Scholars Program - Speaker: Michael Feigin, Ph. D.
October 16 Internal Seminar - Raina Rhoades (Teng), Abdullah Mashraqi (Eribo)
October 23 Department of Biology Special Event - Host: Dr. Fatimah Jackson
October 30 Internal Seminar - Michael Smith (Lee). Esohe Irabor (Jackson)
November 7 TBD
November 14 Internal Seminar - Jerome Oliver (Robinson) Nujud Almuzaini (Thomas)
November 20 Seminar - Dr. Mitchell, Chief Medical Examiner - Topic: TBA

Download Department of Biology Internal Seminar Series - Fall 2019


Biology Internal Seminar Series - Fall 2019 - Wednesdays 12 10 -1 00 pm - Just Hall, Room 320