Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission, goals and objectives of this department closely parallel those of the University. The department has established a strong instructional and research unit in contemporary biological sciences and will maintain a faculty that is committed to optimizing the pursuit of new knowledge and the discovery of new information through original research and to the communication of specialized information and skills. 

The department is committed to providing a broad program of research and instruction within the biological sciences focused on:

  1. providing undergraduate and graduate students with course instruction and research opportunities
  2. conducting original research in a variety of areas in the biological sciences
  3. commitment to promoting scientific literacy in the university community.

At the undergraduate level, the department offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Sciences degree. The department offers both lecture and laboratory courses as well as research opportunities organized around three areas of concentration: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. 

At the graduate level, the department offers programs leading to the Master of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Both are research oriented; the department is currently considering establishing a non-research, professional program at the Masters level. The department offers students a wide variety of research opportunities with concentrations in two areas: Cellular and Molecular Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

The department particularly encourages students to participate in research opportunities offered by departmental faculty and by other academic, federal and private organizations. Graduates are qualified to seek advanced graduate degrees, pursue teaching or work at the technical level in governmental, industrial, or private research organizations.